Leading innovation in sustainable property

Karn Havos homes are at the forefront of sustainable property in the UK. They are custom-built to the Zero Carbon Smart Homes standard which has earnt widespread recognition and industry awards, including the ‘Eco Award’ at the National Federation of Housebuilders in 2016.

Energy generation

We power our homes without burning fossil fuels – instead, they produce their own clean energy from the sun. With powerful photovoltaic panels integrated into the roof, they can become truly self-sufficient.

In case additional energy is needed, we have partnered with a renewables-only provider Ecotricity, who supply our Zero Carbon Smart Homes with the most sustainable energy on the market.

  • Iconic precision

    The unique shape of our roofs serve an important function, with the angling allowing maximum energy generation from the sun

  • Bills into mills

    Ecotricity puts all of its profits into its Green Energy Mission, which funds the building of wind turbines for cleaner energy

Renewable heat

Air-source heat pumps (ASHP) quietly absorb ambient heat from the outside air and then transfer it inside. This system is far more efficient than conventional gas boilers and does not use any harmful fossil fuels.

Additionally, a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery unit (MVHR) is cleverly integrated with each heat pump to create an ample supply of heated, fresh air. Quite simply, it’s one of the most efficient systems available to heat your home.

  • Clean conscience

    By harnessing ambient energy from the air or ground, heat your home and hot water without burning CO₂

  • Feel fresh

    MVHRs take warmth from air being expelled and combine it with fresh air from outside for the freshest heating possible

Thermal efficiency

By placing thermal efficiency at the forefront of our designs, our homes require even less energy to heat. Triple-glazed windows and super-insulated walls and floors make for almost zero heat loss and noise pollution.

Building the open-plan living areas on the top floors allows for maximum energy efficiency, as we heat the structure of the building rather than just the air. Plus, our homes use zonal heating systems, so you can use power specifically and selectively to heat only the rooms you need.

  • Stay grounded

    Our sustainably sourced floor materials retain heat for 10 times longer than normal flooring

  • Structural heating

    Our homes use underfloor heating for ultimate thermal efficiency

Energy management

See exactly how much energy your solar roof is generating and how much your home is using via our integrated smartphone app with live readings.

Remotely turn on your electric-vehicle charging point, or discover the best time to use your energy by monitoring when your output is highest, all with the touch of a button.

  • Complete control

    Our home-automation system puts you in control of your energy creation and usage

  • Optimise your output

    Monitor your energy and find out the most efficient times to use

Excess energy

When you are producing more electricity than you use, your home has two options: firstly, to feed the excess energy back into the national grid for a profit. Here, our home-automation system steps in to tell you how much electricity you are exporting and, in turn, what your estimated earnings are.

Secondly, if you choose the additional option of battery storage, your home can automatically preserve the excess energy to distribute it when you need it most. Never before has home energy storage been so safe and simple.

  • Save and earn

    Take advantage of incentives and earn money with no effort

  • A constant supply

    With your own battery storage, power cuts become a thing of the past*

Detail-focussed design for the ultimate in comfort

Discover our latest Zero Carbon Smart Homes to see these pioneering technologies in practice.